Mom is a momentum indicator calculated based on the EWMA historical volatility.

It calculates the difference between the upward volatility and downward volatility.

We used an error-correcting smoothing technique, fisher transform, and high pass filter to make it a zero mean, near gaussian distributed oscillator.

Mom :


Distribution profile is a proprietary indicator that displays the occurrences of indicator value. It will be available to all subscribers.)

The distribution profile on Mom:


The distribution of mom shows it has a centered mean and a close to Gaussian distribution with little skewness.

An advanced smoothing technique is used to smooth the indicator for people who want to get rid of noises.

Mom Smoothed VS No Smooth :


A standard deviation band is applied to represent the confidence interval of the oscillator. It could be used as overbought and oversold levels. 

Short Band Length Display:


Mom Settings:

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