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What This Site is About

Trading is a numbers game. It is all about risk and probabilities. Trading indicators based on mathematics is essential for traders to know the probabilities of certain trading strategy successfully playing out. Traditional indicators are not built based on mathematics and they failed to evolve with the market. We provide a new solution to traditional indicators on Tradingview Platform.

For the old school Technical Analysis traders, our platform provides brand new methods of using traditional indicators such as RSI and Stochastic. We have also improved the accuracy of traditional indicators by using signal processing techniques. It increases the trading efficiency to another level.

For people who want to execute their trade based on math. We build some simple statistics model on Tradingview. We see a lack of basic mathematic knowledge in old and new indicators on Tradingview. Many indicators make simple math errors in their calculation. This site provides reliable calculated indicators based on math. We have double checked our values to confirm there is no mistake in our calculation. We have also run statistical tests to verify the validity of our models, so the users know when the model fits the data.

People used to say trading is an art, not a science. We believe trading is more science than art.

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